Eavesdropping on the conservation of endangered species

In life, we have all done strange things like eavesdropping. However, for animals living in the wild, it is an important skill based on survival tactics. It is a vital skill for saving their lives from dangers of the wild. On the other hand, what about eavesdropping skills for the captive-reared wildlife? Can we teach them this skill so that they stay safe among wild animals? Continue reading “Eavesdropping on the conservation of endangered species”

Adrenaline rush in the Rouge River Valley you won’t forget

Looking to drive at 200 miles per hour? You want to jump off a cliff? And then live to battle with the sharks? Hate to bring the bad news to you then, but Rouge River Valley isn’t for you.

That being said though, we are sure that while you won’t be able to do all these at the valley, you won’t miss them either. The Rouge Valley throws down its own gauntlet. The question is, are you valiant enough to take up the challenge? Are you game? Continue reading “Adrenaline rush in the Rouge River Valley you won’t forget”