About Flint

About Flint

Who am I and why did I create this site? Curious huh? My name is Flint Johnson and I am what most would call a “Mountain Man”. I love the outdoors, nature, hunting and fishing. I live near the Rouge River in Canada and cherish this region of the country.

So, you might be wondering: “Just What Is A Mountain Man?”

Well, since you took the time to stop by I will tell you!

With popular reality television shows that showcase the ideas of a Mountain Man, many people are interested as to what this type of life entails. One of the main misconceptions that a person has is that this is a man who resides in the mountains, yet those who consider themselves to be Mountain Men are those who can reside in the mountains, but also live in the woods. The basic motto of those who do this is that they want to do their best to be at one with nature. They are going to live and survive off of what the land provides for them.


Hunting is a huge interest to those who are considered a Mountain Man. Not only is this a sport, but this is a way to put food on the table. They view hunting as their right to feed themselves and their families. Thus, they may hunt all year long for game that is in season to hunt for. Due to hunting, these men also know how to cure their own meat from their game, which is a vital part of hunting for many hunters.


Fishing is also a huge part of a Mountain Man’s life. Fishing is something that provides food for their tables, but also serves as a way to relax. For avid fisherman there is nothing greater than sitting on the lake and catching a fish or two. But, for the Mountain Man not catching a fish, means not having food on the table.

Living Off The Land

The idea of living off the land is something that may sound odd too many people who are used to the technology advanced world that we live in. These men often cut their own wood to build their homes, they utilize the wood they cut to heat their homes, and they may even pack water from the closes river to their home. Many of these men live without electricity since this is not something that comes naturally from mother nature. The wildlife they find is there to hunt or fish, while the nuts and berries they forage is just another source of food for them. During the summer time, they may plant a garden and sustain themselves off of this.

These Mountain Men are not relying on modern technology to do their work for them. Yes, they may use a chainsaw, a rifle, and other tools to get the job done, but they try as much as possible to ensure that everything that they do comes from the land. However, before anyone starts to think that they are using and abusing mother nature, these men are often putting back whatever they have taken. For example, planting new trees to make up for those that they cut and the like. The age of the Mountain Man may have passed years ago, but they are making a comeback in today’s time as they prove that getting back to nature and living off of the land is a way of life that anyone can make their own.

All About The Rouge River

All About The Rouge River

Most people who have studied the Great Lakes systems, know that there are several rivers that are running into this and are considered vital to the area. The Rouge River is just one of the rivers that is located within this system, and it is of a huge interest to those who try to keep up with the area. The Rouge River is one of the rivers within this system that still needs help to get to a level of health.

Kayaking The Rouge River

Kayaking The Rouge River

How To Build A Log Cabin

How To Build A Log Cabin

For those who like the simpler things in life, a log cabin may be the home of choice for these people. Log cabins are often associated with the rustic sides of lives, yet these log cabins can be as simple or as extravagant as a person would want. The key to any log cabin is having this properly built. An improperly built cabin is going to be nothing but a headache. So how does one start building a log cabin?

1. Have a design.

The first step of building a log cabin is to have the design in mind and written out as to what you want. Without a design, many problems can arise. There are several ways you can purchase a design or even make your own.

2. Prepare the Area

The area in which you are going to be placing your log cabin on needs to be level and free of debris. This means removing rocks, trees and other obstacles, as well as leveling the land to ensure your log cabin is even. Also remember that you want land that is going to drain well to avoid your log cabin becoming flooded.

3. Prepare the Logs

The logs are going to need to be stripped of bark and any knots will need to be removed. You will want to reference your design as to how to shape the ends of the logs to make them fit evenly together. You are going to need a way to move the logs and likely your only option is going to be a forklift of some kind. If you have never operated a forklift before make sure you train yourself on how to use the machine safely. There are places that will give you a certification for the operation of the lift, however, ensuring you are safe should be the first priority. You will be moving quite literally, thousands upon thousands of pounds of logs.

4. Start your Frame

Along with starting the frame of the log cabin, you need to ensure that you set the main posts for the log cabin into concrete to ensure that these are sturdy and can take the weather and other elements. Your design plan should state just how deep your poles need to be in the ground to offer a stable foundation.

5. Notch the Logs

After you have started the frame and have a nice house already in the making, it is time to notch the logs and place these together to form the log cabin of your dreams. Be sure that you are following the design directions as to where to notch these logs. Notching the logs in the wrong location can make your log cabin unstable.

6. Finish the House

After notching the logs and putting these in place, it is time to add in the windows, the roof and the doors. You can do this however you want, but it is best to ensure that you are paying attention to the designs that you have.

Once you finish all this work, you are ready to start decorating the inside of the log cabin to match your personality. You can do whatever you want to do with this. You will find that building your own log cabin is rather rewarding and you are going to value the home even more since you did all the hard work. It will be a great conversation starter and you will find that the home is going to be everything that you have ever hoped of having in a home.

The Basics Of Whitewater Rafting

The Basics Of Whitewater Rafting

When many people go on vacation, they will see signs of whitewater river rafting and often think that this could be a thrilling adventure. Many families go on these adventures as it is a great way to be together. Likewise, those who are adrenaline junkies often find that these trips are great fun. Luckily, there are different courses to accommodate your level of expertise and can cater to what you are looking for. Before you go on any whitewater river rafting adventure though, you need to ensure that you know the basics first.

1. Safety First

Everyone should ensure that they are prepared and this means everyone wearing life jackets to ensure that if something were to happen and the raft overturns, they can still get air. This is one of the cardinal rules of river rafting since people have been known to turn their rafts over. For those who cannot swim, this can be deadly. You will also want to ensure that everyone is wearing a helmet. The river has rocks sticking out of it that can easily allow a person to hit their head. With a helmet, the person can be better protected from disaster. Accidents can happen we you least expect it, and there are lots of stories out there about people not wearing their safety gear and getting injured – don’t be that guy!

2. Be Prepared for Weather Changes

With almost every trip that is taken down the river, the weather will change. You can go from sunny skies to pouring rain in a matter of a few miles and minutes. You need to be prepared to raft in whatever weather that is coming your way. Also you need to know that in some weather conditions you need to get off of the water to ensure your own safety, which is the case when dealing with lightening.

3. Have Someone in Charge

It is best if you have one person who is in charge. You will want this person able to hold their head under pressure. This person will be the one who makes the final decision that you need to get off of the river due to weather or the like. It is best to choose someone that has the best interest of everyone at heart and is not intimidated by challenges.

4. Start Small

If you are just getting started with river rafting, be sure that you are starting with a small outing at first. A small, day outing that takes a few hours is one of the best ways to get your feet wet in the world of rafting. After understanding how to operate the raft on the water and the like, then you can graduate up to longer and longer trips.

River rafting is a great family vacation or trip for anyone that likes adventure. The good news is that no matter how many times you take a river rafting trip, it is always a bit different since nature never stays the same. One thing for sure, if you are looking for adventure going river rafting is much different than taking a river cruise! Your entire family can have fun with this type of trip, no matter their age or experience level. It can be a great way to not only connect with your family and those who go with you, but a great way to connect to nature.

Different Types Of Wildlife In Canada

Different Types Of Wildlife In Canada

There are numerous wildlife species in Canada, and those who travel to this area are going to see species that they may have never seen before. Many of these animals are going to be seen in abundance yet some of these species have been declared rare and it is against the law to kill one of these animals.


Most countries have squirrels in them. But, in Canada, the white squirrel is something of a mystery as there are not many of these left in the country. In addition to this, they are also home to a rare flying squirrel. This squirrel is considered a rare species since the natural habitat the squirrel utilizes is slowly depleting.


When most people think of wolves, they think further North, however, Canada has some of the most beautiful wolves that a person will ever see. The gray wolf is the most common, yet there is also the Easter Canadian Wolf. These wolves are rarely seen by those who live here, they are mainly heard. There has only been one attack on humans in the last fifty years associated with these wolves, thus those who may be scared need to realize that these wolves are more scared of you than you are of them.

The Groundhog

There are many groundhogs who call Canada home. It would seem that the temperatures are what drives many of these creatures to reside in Canada. These are so common that it is not unheard of for people to have a major problem with these nuisances in their garden. They are in every location in Canada, except Newfoundland.

The Canadian Beaver

This beaver is what Canada is known for. The pelts were highly sought after years ago, and nearly put these little critters out of commission. However, they are now thriving in Canada, and can be found in almost anywhere you look.

The North American Badger

This is an animal that is slowly losing its numbers. In fact, they estimate there are only 200 of these animals in Canada. Yet, you will know if there is one near you. Their pointed claws make it easy for them to dig, and they have a tendency to eat any small mammals, birds and the like that are in the area.

There are several other types of animals that a person will run across while in Canada. For example, raccoon’s, foxes, and possums are just a few examples of the normal wildlife critters that will be seen. However, there have been sightings of animals that most people do not think about being in their backyard. For example, people have reported seeing big cats, like cougars, panthers or even bobcats. Of course, these sightings have not been verified, but most people will state that these are in the area.

The wildlife in Canada is as diverse as the culture. Those who are wildlife enthusiasts are going to find that there is more than enough wildlife in the area to pique their curiosities. Recently, my wife was applying for scholarships to become a zoologist. She had to submit a long thesis type application and during her research she used Canadian wildlife as an example of a very diverse ecosystem. In fact, she has now decided that zoology will be her career path and she intends on becoming a research biologist near the Rouge River. Once you start looking, you too will find an abundance of creatures in this beautiful area. Who knows, this very article might prompt you to study animals as a career choice as well!

Why Hunting Bear Is An Adventure Like No Other

Why Hunting Bear Is An Adventure Like No Other

Those who love to hunt always think of the one hunt that would mean the world to them. For most people, the thought of hunting bear is one of those adventures that will always be more than they would have ever expected. Those who have went hunting bear often state that this is the most fun that they have, and the most alive that they have ever been.

Why Hunt Bear?

The usual thought about hunting is that the bigger the game, the better the reward. Hunting bear is no bigger game that a hunter will find anywhere in the world. And hunting bear is one way that a hunter can challenge themselves and truly experience what the hunt is all about. Bears are large animals, and hunting these does feel as though you are doing this for your own life. Though bears are not known for attacking people, it can happen. This adds a certain amount of adrenaline to the hunt when you know that you could possibly suffer greatly if you were to get caught by a bear unaware or the like.

The Specifics

Those who are eager to hunt bear will find that several areas in the U.S. that offer this. In fact, the State of California actually publishes their bear kills by year so you know many people are doing this sort of hunting. Often, these are guided tours in which another skilled hunter takes you out into the wilderness to where they know there are bears present. This is a safer option than doing this alone, since you have radio contact with the outside world should something go wrong. Through tacking the bear, you can sneak up on it in order to kill it. There are several specifics that you will want to keep in mind while you are getting ready for your hunt:

1. You will need a high powered rifle in order to kill the bear. Bears have a thick skin and this can be hard for normal ammunition to penetrate. If you have a weak gun and shoot the bear, chances are this will not kill it and will only manage to upset the bear. An upset bear is not something you want to deal with.
2. Ensure that you have an ATV or something to help get the bear back to your location. These are not like small white tail deer and can be carried with you.
3. Always be vigilant when you are hunting bear and do not allow anything to sneak upon you as this can be dangerous. In bear country, many times people see evidence of mountain lions and other big cats that could be an issue.

Hunting bear is a once in a lifetime chance. If you are given the opportunity to go hunting for this big game, be sure that you take it. The stories that you will have to tell people about this hunting trip are going to be amazing and most hunters are going to be eager to learn about the experience. Check out where you can hunt bear in your area and how to go about doing this. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are going to be ecstatic with how the hunt goes.